Video, color, sound, 13min, 2016

Leisure Suit Larry, the eponymous character of the 1989 computer game, wanders the jungle of a colonized village searching for love. In an act of cathexis, Larry's energies are concentrated on Passionate Patti, a perfect and unattainable woman. Watch on Vimeo.


Video, color, sound, 8min, 2016

Inserting an avatar in post-production, the filmmaker navigates the late-80s world of Leisure Suit Larry as a female character both invisible to the game and in control of its progress, attempting to foster a fluidity between them amid the rules of the game and of life. Watch on Vimeo.


Multi-channel video installation, color, sound, 60min, 2015

14 min excerpt of 60 min installation.

A multi-channel video installation that examines the misogynistic gameplay of Cover Girl Strip Poker, a 1991 MS-DOS computer game, (Hohum)'s gonna be a looong game deconstructs the crude embodiments of male desire which integrates the objectification of the female body with disfiguring early computerized graphics and interactivity. Intended to be installed flatly into the surface of a poker table, the viewers--distinctively that and not players--can sit and look down individually and privately at the small screens, as if at their own intangible hands of poker, or at a peep show mutoscope. Around the table are the separated elements, hands disconnected from their bets and female representations separated from their objectifications, reclaiming the history of female depiction from its function as male entertainment. Watch on Vimeo.


Video, color, sound, 3min, 2014

Experiencing a cerebral hemorrhage in 2006, my father suffers from short-term memory loss. Our memories are at a crossroads, in which he remembers my past and I remember his present. These conflicting experiences compete with standardized medical facts and my own personal recollections of his stroke event. Watch on Vimeo.

Screenings include: The Florida Experimental Film Festival, Another Experiment by Women, Altered States at the Coastal Currents Film Festival